Hi. We're initPartners.

A tiny R&D engineering think-tank focussed on implementing emerging technologies in every day context.

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Areas of interest

What we do best


Getting from zero to proof of concept and then to MVP in rapid iterration cycles is what we're all about.


We love hackathons. Both participating and organizing them. We organized fist (and only) AngelHack hackathon in Poland.


We're always eager to add value to projects be it in a form of consulting or mentoring or just as a friendly help.

About us

Who we are and where we came from


initPartners has been founded by two brothers, Mike and Peter Tuszynski and that's the core team. Depending on a project we engage folks from our vast network of engineers and designers. The name initPartners is derived from Objective-C syntax where init keyword is used to initialize instances of new objects, much like we spawn new ventures at initPartners.

You can usually find us at hackathons, technology meetups or somewhere hacking away new project ideas. We're primarily interested in building prototypes for projects that incorporate emerging technologies like wearables, machine learning, voice interfaces and mobile applications.

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